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Our friends at In Saturn’s Rings are looking for volunteers to help them complete their film.

In Saturn’s Rings is a ground-breaking IMAX film that will take viewers on a stunning tour of our Solar System. The film is created entirely from NASA photographs — no CGI — using a filmmaking technique called photoanimation, which will provide audiences with the most authentic experience of what space travel is really like. Watch the 4K trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNMVxVTEHT8

They need some additional volunteers to help process some high resolution images for the Milky Way sequence of the film.

Skills Needed:
— Ability to open and save high-resolution images from 500mb-3GB in size
— Intermediate to advanced Photoshop or GIMP skills
— Especially with selecting/copying/pasting and clone-stamp painting
— Basic knowledge of layers and blending modes
— Knowledge of vector masking preferable

Send an email to info@insaturnsrings.com if you’re interested.

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